Pitbull adopts goat as her own

8:19 PM, Aug 10, 2012   |    comments
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By Rick Wells

Tulsa, OK (KOTV/CNN) - An Oklahoma dog has a kid. It's a goat.

Julie Free owns Piper, a 2 ½-year-old pitbull mix and her GP. Piper and GP are playmates.

Actually, they're more than just playmates.

Julie believes Piper thinks GP is hers, and GP looks at Piper as his mom.

GP stands for goat puppy, and when he was born, he wasn't doing very well.

"Piper started nuzzling on him and he actually kinda came around," said Julie.

She showed us early cell phone pictures of the two of them.

"And that's where he finally stood up the first time," said Julie.

It's like baby's first steps. No wonder he thinks Piper is his mom.

That was back in the spring. Ever since, wherever Piper goes, there's GP.

A couple of weeks ago GP hurt his leg, and with it all taped up he doesn't get around like he did.

They started bring Piper to companion dog school, and GP would come along. He even learned some stuff too.

The damaged back leg has really hurt his ability to run and play, and when Piper gets too far away, he doesn't like it.

GP has his own crate, but sometimes he just wants to be with his mom.



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