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Sappington Farmers' Market to close next week

9:34 PM, Aug 14, 2012   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

St. Louis County (KSDK) - In ten days, more than 30 years of history will be wiped away.

The Sappington Farmers' Market in Marlborough is closing its doors.

Rosemary Bickley's reaction to this news is short and sweet.

"I'm sick about it," she said.

Bickley comes for local fruit and meat and to support local farmers.

"I'm terribly disappointed," said Bickley. "I knew they were having trouble."

But Bickley had hoped the market could work its way out of its recent bankruptcy. A Pennsylvania company bought the failing market earlier this year.

A spokesman and a note posted to customers on the door cite declining sales, outdated equipment and competition from larger markets in the areas as the reasons for closing.

Longtime customer Thomas True calls it a sign of the times.

"The larger retail outlets having such a massive control over their distributions that the smaller stores like this can't really compete," said True.

The closing means the neighborhood is losing more than fresh melons, this place has been a fixture in the community for decades.

"And you get to know the people that worked here," said Nelda True. "They had fantastic employees."

The company says it will continue to provide prepared meals to schools, churches and hospitals and plans to start another market in a location within the City of St. Louis that has not yet been determined.

The new market will open under a new name, also not determined, in the fall.


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