Kenneth Gooch accused of showing his private parts to teens passing by

9:59 PM, Aug 15, 2012   |    comments
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Kenneth Gooch

By Elizabeth Matthews

Maplewood, MO (KSDK) - A Maplewood man is accused of exposing himself on his porch while two teen girls walked by and police say its not the first time its happened.

Kenneth Gooch, 48, is behind bars on three counts of sexual misconduct.

It happened in an area frequented by kids and teenagers. Gooch lives in the 2500 block of Gerhard which is a street directly behind the Maplewood High School, which is also by the ball fields and the community swimming pool.

"For something like that to happen, I'm just getting angry talking to me right now about it," said parent John Jones.

This story strikes a nerve with John Jones who himself is a father of two teenager daughters.

Maplewood police say Gooch was on his porch when two 16-year-old girls walked by.

"He was exposing himself and masturbating," said Detective Kerry Daniels.

He says this is not the first instance with Gooch. Detective Daniels says one of the girls told police she had been a victim before.

"Reported that she had actually seen this on the seventh of August as well," said Daniels.

"I went to school with him never expected anything like that out of him," said neighbor Robin Behr who's now on high alert and will be keeping watch.

"You can't help now that if you've got kids," said Behr.

Jones says he almost always picks up his girls even though they live just a few blocks away and now, well, he's just angry.

"I don't care how old your kids are, there are grownups that wind up missing, and to think about my kid, man I'm upset lady," said Jones as he walked off.

Police say this is an isolated incident even though it happened twice. Gooch is behind bars with a $15,000 bond.


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