Ray Leuthauser returns $300 he found along highway

4:55 PM, Aug 16, 2012   |    comments
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By Art Holliday

St. Louis (KSDK) - Have you ever set something on top of your car, and forgotten about it?

A moment like that cost one woman several hundred dollars, until a good-hearted stranger stepped in.

There are two remarkable people in this story, Ray and Jane, each trying to make our community better and restore our faith in each other.

Above Jane Corbett's front door is a sign that says "I believe there are angels among us."

This was the day she met her angel, the Good Samaritan.

Jane had collected $850 for Sts. Peter and Paul Parish to pay for meals for the needy. On Monday, on her way to deliver the money, she lifted her grandchild into her car.

"And I must have just gone like that because ray said it was right here. That he could see the envelope flapping in the wind," said Jane.

"It freaked me out. Money was fluttering everywhere. Cars whizzing by, rush hour traffic, and I was honking at her to get her to stop. I just pulled over and started grabbing money," said Ray Leuthauser.

Ray says he gathered as much of the money as he could, then the Good Samaritan turned detective, tracking down Jane.

Jane didn't know Ray was looking for her and replaced the money out of her own pocket, figuring the cash was long gone to a lucky commuter.

"Preferably someone that's on the highway that really needs it is going to find a $100 bill just flying in their face," she said.

But Ray returned the $300 he found and his random act of kindness touched his co-workers.

"You need 475 dollars correct? Well we raised $505 for you so you can do what you want with it," said Ray.

Whether it's merely good luck or a miracle, Jane wants everyone to pay attention to her Good Samaritan.

"Just pass it on. Pass it on. Do whatever we can do every other minute to help each other," she said.

Ray was able to track down Jane because of a Sam's card that he found along with the money.

NewsChannel 5 asked Ray why he didn't keep the cash. Who couldn't use $330 dollars these days? He said "it wasn't mine."



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