900-pound mako shark caught off California coast

7:10 PM, Aug 31, 2012   |    comments
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KCAL - Two men from Texas are going home from their California trip with a giant fish story and the proof to back it up.

The pair was on a sport fishing expedition off the coast of Orange County when they hooked something big. They spent four hours fighting with their catch, before finally reeling in a 917-pound mako shark.

"From the get go, as soon as he hooked up, I got in the belt and started out leaning against the bait buckets...ended up sitting, because he kept trying to tip me over, you know, and if you get tipped over, you're going out,"

Winters said bringing in the 10-foot shark was the most physically demanding thing he has ever done.
He likened it to trying to pull a truck.

So what are Winters and his fishing buddy Brian Cope going to do with their massive catch? They say they plan to eat it.


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