Carlos Alberto Fernandez killed in boating accident

9:01 AM, Sep 4, 2012   |    comments
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Miami, FL (WTVJ) -- A man speeding on a personal watercraft was killed Sunday after he collided with the bow of a 22-foot boat near Miami's Venetian Causeway bridge.

Carlos Alberto Fernandez, 27, died on scene just after 10 p.m. Sunday.

Miami Fire Rescue spokesman Iggy Carroll Jr. said a Sea Tow operator noticed commotion and saw two men in the water, one who was unconscious.

Fernandez was pulled from the water and taken to Sea Isle Marina & Yachting Center where several men performed CPR.

Witness Jimmy Hawk said he saw the victim on the floor of the Sea Tow boat.

"He was wearing a life vest and he was pretty banged up," he said.

The boat was carrying a family of five when the impact with the jet ski occurred.

"They were going at a slow rate of speed and all of a sudden, they felt a huge collision and realized there was somebody almost impaled on the front of the vessel," said Florida Fish and Wildlife officer Jorge Pino.

FWC said it is against the law to operate a personal water craft after dark.

Fernandez's friend, who was riding on a separate watercraft, will be charged $90 for operating the vehicle at night.

"I don't know why people operate these personal watercrafts at night," Pino said. "Other boaters are not going to be able to see them, they have no navigational lights whatsoever, so it's completely dark."

Authorities were looking into whether speed or alcohol played a factor, and if proper procedures were followed.

"We caution people to use common sense, use good judgment, don't drink while you're operating these watercraft because situations like this could happen and this is a situation that could be avoided," Carroll Jr. said.


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