Normandy security guard back on the job, student on heart transplant list

9:30 PM, Sep 7, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK) - The I-Team has confirmed a Normandy High School security guard accused of using excessive force and causing injuries so severe, the student now needs a heart transplant, is back on the job.

Last November, the I-Team reported on the injuries suffered by Damontae Woods.

His crime, according to his grandmother, was that he was late to class. His family says, when security saw him in the hallway, Damontae took off running because he did not want to get in trouble.

The security officer that caught him allegedly caused the injuries that ruptured his heart.

The 18-year-old junior needed open heart surgery and is now on the heart transplant list. The security guard was placed on paid leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

This week, the school district confirmed the guard was back at work and that no wrong doing was found.

While the school district identified the guard in its statement to the I-Team, we redacted his name because he has not been charged with a crime.

"Mr. --- was on a leave of absence while this matter was fully investigated by authorities. To our knowledge all investigations have been concluded. We are not aware of any finding by any government agency that Mr. --- engaged in any wrongdoing. Mr. --- leave of absence has ended; however, the district has reassigned Mr.--- to a different building due to the sensitivity of the matter," said Superintendent Dr. Stanton E. Lawrence.

The Woods' family attorney has not filed suit against the district but told the I-Team that "school officials should donate a heart since they clearly don't use their own."


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