AT&T bills Pete Schepis after death

9:53 PM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

St. Louis (KSDK) - As far as bills go, this one was pretty painless. Pete Schepis had a zero balance on his AT&T U-verse account for July through the beginning of August.

But Pete Schepis doesn't have an AT&T account because he died in February.

Tony Schepis is Pete's son.

"It's very emotional to deal with this for myself and my mother," said Tony.

It was a hard loss. Tony says Pete was a loving husband of 57 years and a caring dad. This bill opened wounds, even though no money was owned, the family worried someone had stolen Pete's identity.

When Tony called AT&T, the company representatives, he says, kept insisting he provide his father's password to the account he never opened up. Tony kept pushing.

"Said can I talk to a supervisor. And at the same time the first question the supervisor came on and asked was we'd be more than happy to access the account if we could have the answer to our security code, which is what is your father's favorite cartoon character," recalled Tony.

Tony talked to four people and nobody seemed to get it.

"You can come down to the store and present ID that shows you're Pete Schepis. I said I can't because I'm not," he said. "I'm pretty good at handling situations but I could see I was getting nowhere on this one."

So Tony contacted 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush.

Rush called AT&T. The company immediately investigated and resolved the issue. Schepis' identity had not been stolen.

A spokesperson would not go on camera but in a statement said a computer system clean-up generated the false bill with information Pete had provided years ago when he inquired about service.
Tony and his mom are relieved.

"You did a very nice job," said Tony. "It was wonderfully handled. I couldn't have asked for a better resolution."

Tony says AT&T says the people he dealt with were improperly trained. The spokesperson says the company apologizes for what they call a "unique" situation and will look at this case to learn how to keep it from happening again.


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