Obama bear hug pizza store owner targeted by president's critics

10:15 AM, Sep 11, 2012   |    comments
(Photo by Doug Mills, New York Times)
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By David Jackson, USA TODAY

In a matter of minutes, Scott Van Nuzer became the answer to a political trivia question: Who picked up President Obama during a 2012 campaign stop in Florida?

Van Nuzer also became an Internet target for Obama's critics.

They took to the website Yelp to give low ratings to Van Nuzer's eatery, Big Apple Pizza in Fort Pierce.

Among the reviews, the number of which zoomed from two to more than 1,000: "I will not eat from traitor's hands and I'll never take food from man who DIDN'T BUILD his business ... Went there during my summer vacation. It was nasty. Not surprised the owner is an Obama hack!!"

But, as ABC News reported, "the backlash to the backlash was delivered swiftly."

ABC added:
By late afternoon, Van Nuzer's pizza spot was back up in the rankings, registering a full five stars.

Another user, this one checking in from Brooklyn, N.Y., 1,165 miles away, chirped: "Really, conservatards? You try to trash a man's business because he likes a different political candidate than you? What scum you all are. Go crawl back in your holes. SCOTT VAN DUZER IS MY HERO!"

The Atlantic also reported:
For every one-star review bashing Big Apple Pizza on Yelp, there were about 60 five-star reviews singing its praises. (We counted.)

In reality, the ratio is a little bit different since about 130 reviews were taken down -- most of them one-star reviews -- for violating Yelp's terms of service.

It's still a pretty stark split, though, you have to admit. Not only does Van Nuzer's pizza place have the best rating in Fort Pierce.

He's got the highest rated restaurant in the entire state of Florida. (Bern's Steakhouse in Tampa appears to be a distant second.)






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