East St. Louis homicide rate down 30 percent since 2010

9:30 PM, Sep 19, 2012   |    comments
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Belleville, IL (KSDK) - A strategy targeting locations in East St. Louis with a history of violent crime has resulted in a significant drop off in the local homicide rate, St. Clair County State's Attorney Brendan Kelly said Wednesday.

Earlier this summer, Brendan Kelly called a special grand jury to review criminal incidents linked to specific night clubs in East St. Louis, as well as liquor stores, public housing and derelict residential properties.

In early June, letters were sent to derelict property owners to address unsafe conditions on their land or face prosecution.

Since July, the East St. Louis Public Housing Ban and Bar Task Force has issued more than 70 criminal trespass charges in public housing.

Kelly said the grand jury handed down indictments on liquor stores and night clubs on additional counts relating to drug paraphernalia and weapons charges in August. The grand jury also issued indictments Wednesday for 25 violations of the Illinois Liquor Control Act against Club Posh, Club Rolex, and Club 103 of East St. Louis.

But the most significant change is in the city's homicide rate, according to Kelly. To date, the homicide rate in East St. Louis is down 30 percent from 2010. And the summer homicide rate from June 1 to September 18 is down 85 percent from this same period in 2010.


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