Turtle Park hazards fixed

6:39 PM, Sep 19, 2012   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

St. Louis (KSDK) - A popular St. Louis park with some dangerous problems where kids play prompted 5 on Your Side to spring into action as well as the city Parks Department to address the concerns.

With turtles big and small all over the park, there are all sorts of attractions at Turtle Park. But a grandmother pointed out to 5 on Your Side's Mike Rush some unwanted dangerous attractions.

At 17 months, Henry Dixson is all about exploring and grabbing new things, which makes it a good thing grandma Deborah Dixson is walking distance from Turtle Park.

"It's amazing because it allows the kids to play on all of the sculptures, large and small," said Deborah.

But Deborah recently noticed something she would never want Henry or anyone else to touch, exposed wires at the base of this light pole.

"They're brightly colored for one and they're right at the right height for a child or an inquisitive adult, I guess, to touch," said the grandmother.

The access cover is missing. The cover on other poles reads, "Danger, High Voltage".

There's also a missing manhole cover over a hole that, although not deep, could be dangerous and a crumbling section of sidewalk.

Deborah said, "I just think this could be a big trip hazard."

After Deborah contacted us, Mike Rush called the City of St. Louis and to his credit, the Commissioner of Parks, Dan Skillman, came right out.

Mike showed him Deborah's concerns and he quickly made some phone calls.

Soon, the manhole was covered, so were the wires, and a promise made to patch the sidewalk.

"When we get calls about safety concerns, it's high priority for us," said Skillman.

Leaving Deborah and Henry to concern themselves with the important stuff, like playing.

"I think that's great. I don't want to cause problems, I just want solutions," said Deborah.

There are 108 parks in the City of St. Louis, and while the Parks Department maintains them, some of these problems crop up quickly, sometimes from vandalism.

That's why they rely on people like Deborah to bring it to their attention.


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