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Kate Wilkerson's city meter trouble

10:26 PM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK) - If you've ever attended an event downtown, you know that finding a parking place can be a challenge.

A City of St. Louis resident thought she nabbed the perfect spot, but found out it wasn't to be.

5 on Your Side's Mike Rush hit the streets to find out the story behind her parking meter mistake.

"It was a Saturday evening, I was working backstage at a show for the Peabody and came and parked and parked at that parking meter," said Kate Wilkerson.

Wilkerson has lived in the city all her life. She's knows finding a spot downtown can be hard, but thought this one was okay.

"It wasn't marked, it was after 7 o'clock on the weekend, so I thought I was good to go," said Wilkerson.

But when she returned to her car a few hours later she found a surprise.

"There was a parking ticket on my car," said Wilkerson. "And I was kind of confused and looked at the parking ticket and looked at the meter and tried to figure out why I had a ticket."

There are mixed signals on the block where Wilkerson's car was parked. One sign talks about no parking during certain hours at night into the early morning, another sign talks about no parking during certain hours during the day, and finally some of the meters have a third sign, but the meter right where Wilkerson parked has no sign.

City Treasurer Larry Williams oversees the city's parking services operation. 5 on Your Side called Williams repeatedly, but he never called us back.

The treasurer's custodian of records e-mailed stating there will be no comment, but wouldn't explain why, so Mike Rush stopped by the treasurer's office and ran into St. Louis' Deputy Treasurer Tom Stoff in the hallway.

Stoff had little to say and refused our request for an interview on camera.

The only person who did call 5 on Your Side back was Todd Waeltermann, Director of Streets.

Waeltermann says owners of the Ford Building requested residential parking, and it's their job to maintain the signs.

"They're going to either void the area and not park here or else they are going to have to provide standard signs," said Waeltermann. "And since you brought this to our attention, we are notifying the owner of the building that they need to get their signs up to date in the next 30 days or we will come take this stuff down."

In the meantime, Waeltermann is recommending the city stop writing tickets there. Wilkerson decided to fight her ticket, but it didn't do any good.

"I really didn't see a point in appealing it again, because I figured I would get the same outcome," said Wilkerson.

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