Drunken Florida man flees police on horse

2:54 PM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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Bunnell, FL (WJXT) - A Florida man is accused of riding his horse drunk though town, an act that drew a crowd and ultimately landed the man in jail.

In this traffic cam video, 29-year-old Charles Cowart can be seen rounding the corner and heading up the street on his horse The Wiley Coyote. Cowart blows through a stop sign and keeps on going.

"We tried to stop him and talk with him to get off the horse, he took off at a gallop, through most of the areas in the city," said Lt. Randy Burke, Bunnell Police Department.

Cowart and Wiley's wild ride started at 10 a.m. Monday and lasted more than five hours.

"It was a large crowd of people who were beginning to follow him around and he'd almost run over several people with the horse as well as in and out in front of cars so he started to develop quite a crowd and quite a stir in town," Burke said.

Police said people would give him stuff along the way. For instance, at one point his headphones stopped working so somebody gave him ear buds so he could listen to his iPod while he was on horseback.

But Cowart would not listen to police. He and Wiley continued to race away from officers, who had to stop traffic and even a train for them.

"He was kinda starting to go in and out of consciousness from where he was under the influence, so being on the railroad tracks we had to stop the southbound train so we did not have a conflict or have him or the horse injured," Burke said.

Well, Wiley's just fine.

"The horse is absolutely ok. He's no tireder than a cowboy would be after he got off a day's ride in the cow-woods," said Chuck Cowart, Charles' dad.

Chuck Cowart caught up to the mayhem near the railroad tracks and pulled his son off the horse. Charles got away again and ran into a swampy woodland area, but was chased out by K-9 units.

"That's my son, and he's mentally depressed, and the family's behind him and we've got him where we can help him," said Chuck Cowart. "I appreciate all the help that I've had getting him where I got him."


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