Pictures stolen of Aurora shooting victim Veronica Moser-Sullivan

8:23 AM, Oct 3, 2012   |    comments
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DENVER (KUSA) - A camera and memory card with some of the last photos of 6-year-old Aurora theater shooting victim Veronica Moser-Sullivan was stolen out of her grandparent's home Tuesday morning.

The grandfather of the 6-year-old spoke publicly for the first time since the shooting.

"I've felt numb all day. I've felt sick," Robert Sullivan said.

Sullivan says he left his home at 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, and when he returned 45 minutes later, he noticed a broken window.

"I see all of the camera bags scattered on the floor," Sullivan said.

The cameras were missing. Inside one of the them was a 2GB blue and red SD memory card.

The memory card had pictures of a day back in May when Veronic had completed kindergarten.

"After [the graduation] was over we took her out for ice cream," he said.

Sullivan says he had only downloaded a few pictures from the card.

"Those are the last photos I have of Veronica before the shooting," he explained.

Sullivan's son, Ian, is Veronica's father. Her mother Ashley Moser was also shot in the theater and is still recovering.

"There's a huge hole in my heart from the loss of my granddaughter," Sullivan said. "And it seems to be getting ripped more."

Sullivan said he was going to use the pictures for Veronica's funeral service.

"I had my own tribute that I wanted to put in the funeral service for her," he said. "I'm not sure what the future holds, but I keep hoping things will get better."

The family says the memory card was in a Cannon a54 camera.

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