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Sharon Green, Clayton Green's home invaded by fake police officers

8:22 PM, Oct 4, 2012   |    comments
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By Brittany Pace

Sandy, UT (KUTV/CNN) - A Utah husband and wife say they were tricked into letting a group of thieves into their home.

The couple says the robbers pretended to be police officers.

"This is a situation no one should have to go through," said Sgt. John Arnold with the Sandy Police Department.

Police continue to search for five suspects who pretended to be police officers before robbing an elderly couple.

"They had badges around their necks to indicate they were police officers. The family invited them into the house because of that," said Sgt. Arnold.

Police say the robbers weren't wearing police uniforms, but they did have badges.

"To indicate themselves as a police officer that there's some trust you would invite them in," said Sgt. Arnold.

And that is what the couple did, but once inside the home, the robbers showed their true colors.

"You're just sitting there thinking what in the world is going on. Is this true or if it's a joke," said victim Sharon Green.

"He came in he had a pistol. He put it up against my head, then against her head," said Clayton Green.

Clayton, 80, says the robbers were forceful and threatened to kill him and his wife.

"Tied us by our hands first and then after maybe five minutes they tied our feet up," he said.

The couple says it seemed like almost an eternity, but the robbers were in their home for about 10 minutes.

"We were praying that all would be well," said Clayton.

"Your privacy has been invaded I don't know if will feel safe in our own home now," said Sharon.

Police are still trying to figure out why the robbers targeted the Greens' home.

Clayton Green says the thieves kept asking for a code to a safe in his home, but he says he didn't know the code because the safe is empty and was just an antique.



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