Utah dog mistaken for burglar

9:30 PM, Oct 5, 2012   |    comments
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Orem, UT (KSL) - A man receives a mysterious phone call that prompts him to think the worst. The man assumed his house was being robbed, but who was really at the end of the line surprised both police and the homeowner.

Bruce Gardner's cell phone rang just before 9 a.m. The caller ID showed a familiar number: his house.

"I knew nobody was home, so I answered it," Gardner said.

What he heard on the other end of the line was so startling, he immediately left work and called police. No one was talking, but the sounds were worth a million words.

"You could hear some banging around, rifling around, some scratching," said Sgt. Craig Martinez, Orem Police Department.

"My mind immediately went to, I'm being robbed," Gardner said.

Police converged on his Orem residence, searched the place, and did not find a thing. The doors and windows all locked; nothing was gone.

"I've heard of some pretty strange things, this ranks right up there with something I've never heard of happening before," Martinez said.

To make it stranger, Gardner and the cops could not find the cordless phone that had made the call, so the homeowner did a little digging. He went to the backyard and called back the number that had placed the mysterious call.

"I could hear the ring and I started going towards the sound, and found it out here in the garden," Gardner said.

It turns out the culprit was Maya, the family's four-year-old lab. She had taken the phone, which was left outside, and made it her own personal line.

"In the midst of chewing on it, it happened to hit redial, called the man's cell phone, and then the dog buried the phone in the backyard in the garden," Sgt. Martinez said.

Mystery solved and lesson learned.

"I don't leave things out here. You know, that I don't want eaten up," Gardner said.

Gardner's relieved that no one was robbing him, and it looks like now the worst thing that will happen is a little time for Maya in the dog house.


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