I-64 construction frustration MoDot response

5:10 PM, Oct 12, 2012   |    comments
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By Tracy Clemons

St. Louis (KSDK) - Frustration over the construction on Interstate 64 around downtown St. Louis continues to grow. Several eastbound motorists were unable to get off the highway and ended up in Illinois one morning this week. They say the 6th Street and 11th Street ramps were closed, and there was no warning.

Missouri Department of Transportation officials say there's plenty of signage up telling people which ramps are closed, and that drivers should pay closer attention as they approach work zones. They also say this will all be over before you know it.

"The contract is supposed to be completed next summer, although the contractor's schedule is to finish early by December of this year," said Assistant District Engineer Bill Schnell. "So as painful as it is right now to have this work under traffic, the schedule is to be complete by December."

But for those drivers who say the last Missouri exit ramps were closed during rush hour Thursday morning, sending them across the river into Illinois, this construction headache has lasted too long. MoDot insists the 11th Street ramp was open.

"The main point is how to keep people from doing that in the future and trying to get off. Use an early exit. Don't wait until the last exit that's open to get off," Schnell said.

MoDOT maintains Dynamic Message Signs that show ramp and lane closures in real time from their traffic center. We asked if there's any way to put up more to make it less likely that anyone would miss them.

"If you have too much signing that's a problem too, because it's too much distraction. I think all of us when we're driving get into not paying attention to signing. When you come into a construction zone it's especially critical for the safety of yourself and the workers to really pay attention to that signing," said Schnell. 

Click here for a detailed list of eastbound I-64 closures downtown this weekend.


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