Veronica Miller given wrong baby's body by cemetery

8:13 PM, Oct 12, 2012   |    comments
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Bartlett, TN (WMC/CNN) - A Tennessee mother is still dealing with the shock, after being given the wrong baby's body by a local cemetery.

Veronica Miller's daughter Malaysia was a stillborn at a Memphis hospital.

A nurse suggested Miller bury the child at the Shelby County Cemetery, a government option for families who can't afford to bury a loved one on their own.

When Miller went to visit her daughter's grave, she says the place was not at all what she imagined, and that she wouldn't bury her dog there.

She asked the cemetery to give her back her daughter's body, so she could bury her somewhere else.
That's when cemetery workers dug up the body of the wrong child.

"I guess they were sure everything was right and they did not check it like we should have," said Harvey Kennedy. "We should have handled that better and I'm disappointed that we didn't open it and make sure."

A Shelby County spokesperson says the county is now changing its policy.

From now on, bodies will not be released from the cemetery until caskets are opened and bodies identified by the tag inside.


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