Granite City students suspended for "tweets" about teacher

11:38 PM, Oct 26, 2012   |    comments
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Granite City, IL (KSDK) - Granite City High School is cracking down on at least ten students for comments made on the social media site Twitter.
The school says the students violated school policy when one student posted a comment about a teacher with a sexually explicit acronym, and other "retweeted" the comment.

Among the ten students suspended the superintendent says the school also found some making what he calls 'threats" toward the school on Twitter and suspended those students, too.

Some of the suspended students and their friends say the school is over-reaching with its authority into their personal lives. They say the "Tweets" were not sent during school. And they are worried about the honor roll status of some of those suspended.

"I thought it was pretty funny," says sophomore DeAndre Williams, one of the students suspended. "I figured I would "retweet" it so everybody could get a laugh out of it," says Williams. He says he never thought of the "retweet" that led to his suspension as any different from the roughly 150 other "tweets" he sends out in any given day.

" And to be completely honest I've seen worse stuff about teachers on Twitter than this," says Williams. Who says no students have been punished for Twitter comments before so he thought, "It's funny, why not?"

The suspensions range from five to ten days. Some of the students plan to protest the punishments.

The school says its investigation isn't over.

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