Community comes together over horrific hate crime

12:27 AM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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Richmond Heights (KSDK) -- Police have arrested a man they say spray painted messages of hate all over one Richmond Heights Street.

"Just hit the edges 'til it starts chipping away," shouted a neighbor at a boy who was using a water-pressure cleaner on the front side of a house.

The idea there was to chip away at a stain in American history, one that reared its ugly head at Bredell Avenue and Weston Place overnight for the very first time anyone there could remember.





"I haven't seen it in the 41 years I've been out here, so it just blew me away," explained Diane Rusan, who was among the many victims whose homes were spray painted with KKK, whose fences spelled it all out with Ku Klux Klan, whose cars were caught up in it, too, along with the drain tunnel nearby.

Jerve Hughes, 14,  lives down the street.  His family's home wasn't hit, but his mother had her boys hurry over to learn about the hate and how they'd have to help wash it away there and always.

"It was my first, something like this, seeing it," Hughes said.  "We didn't do anything to them , so why so they have the right to come on our property and so things to us. I say it isn't fair."

 "To explain to another generation what is still lingering on is mind boggling," Rusan went on to say.

"Jerve, put an 'x' through right through it," yelled a neighbor at the boy.

So, as neighbors watched Jerve destroy those wicked words, he learned the take-home lesson, which he says he'll certainly take to heart.





"That it does exist," Rusan added.  "It's something to be prepared for, but as a community you can work together to make things happen."




With the help of neighbors, the clean-up is scheduled to continue during daylight hours Monday.


 So far no charges have been filed in teh case.






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