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McCaskill and Akin make final push for votes

11:00 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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By Elizabeth Matthews

St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - The polls open in just about eight hours, but Monday the candidates were busy.

Most traveled all over the state of Missouri, including senatorial candidates Claire McCaskill and Congressman Todd Akin.

Both candidates were all over the state Monday. McCaskill entertaining a crowd at a local union headquarters with help from Chuck Berry and Don King, and Todd Akin shaking hands talking directly to the voters at a local political office.

Both candidates say the most encouraging thing of all right now is the enthusiasm.

"We're seeing it obviously in the number of yard signs, but mostly in the meetings we go to and the sense of urgency in the volunteers," said Akin.

"I feel great, I feel great there's a lot of good energy in this room and now it's matter of enthusiasm," said McCaskill.

Both candidates goal just one day before the election: get out the vote. One final time to prove to voters why they should vote for them.

As for the turnout Tuesday, Akin says he's not focused on current polling numbers

"I remember one poll it said I was going to get 17 percent in the primary. We got 36 [percent], and people considered it a complete upset victory. I don't put a whole lot of faith in the polls," says Akin.
"Missouri is always going to be a close state, Missourians are independent, I love that about Missouri, I am independent," said McCaskill.

Akin seems confident just hours before the election.

"I think tomorrow we are just going to let tomorrow speak for itself," said Akin.

Senator McCaskill is hoping her people head to the polls.

"Making sure no one thinks that this is a done deal, that all of our supporters remain focused," said McCaskill.

Don't forget to check out our Decision 2012 page for all the information you need before heading to the polls.



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