St. Louis Election Commission investigating voting issues

8:10 PM, Nov 6, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - Officials in the St. Louis Election Commissioner's Office are investigating voter irregularities on Election Day.

Michael Tillman arrived at St. Stephen Protomartyr Catholic Church on Wilmington Tuesday morning to vote, only to discover what he thinks is a forged signature where his signature was supposed to be in the voters' registry book.

In fact, said Tillman, it was not his signature.

Tillman said St. Stephen's is his polling place for St. Louis Ward 13, Precinct 2.  He was able to vote, but only after working for a few hours with police and election officials.

On Tuesday evening, Jerry Pierce, a roving deputy with the election commissioner's office said the matter is being internally investigated. Pierce said it is possible the matter is the result of an error on the part of an election volunteer. It is not known whether that is what happened or whether somebody intentionally voted in Tillman's' place.

"I can't speculate," said Tillman. "I know by looking in the book there was no verification because the election judge didn't sign the book noting that I voted."

Meanwhile in south St. Louis County, at the Affton White-Rodgers Community Center, candidate for state representative in the 93rd District arrived to vote, only to discover his name was not on the ballot.

Bob Burns called it disappointing, particularly since he'd been knocking on doors and campaigning since May. Burns agreed it makes you question the integrity of our voting system.

"It sure does and there again you have equal amounts of Democrats and Republicans in there at the St. Louis County Board of Elections. I went to speak with Rita Days there because I know her and I know of her reputation for total integrity. And she got right on it."


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