WaterWalk Screenings

2:01 PM, Nov 12, 2012   |    comments
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A father and son took a very long canoe ride and ended up right in the front of the arch and now hollywood has picked up their story. A special screening of the film WaterWalk is playing in St. Louis Monday and Tuesday night.

Steven Faulkner wrote a book about his 1,000 mile journey with his son down the Mississippi. He is now watching his adventure play our on the silver screen.

"I really didn't think that there was enough conflict in the story at the time because my son and I went on this 1,000 mile canoe trip and that was an adventure and I think that makes for good movie making. But we loved it and we loved each other on the trip so I didn't really expect that to be made into a movie," explained Steven Faulkner, author.

Faulkner says there are differences from his book and the film, but as for their time on the water the movie is accurate.

"One thing I really appreciate about the movie it's really picked up on those themes of a father son relationship," said Faulkner.

WaterWalk is playing at Ronnie's (5320 Lindbergh Boulevard) Monday and Tuesady at 4:10pm and 7pm.











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