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Superstorm Sandy: President Obama to tour New York, New Jersey damage

9:21 AM, Nov 15, 2012   |    comments
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NBC - President Obama will be back on the ground in some of the areas devastated by Hurricane Sandy today.

He will find dozens of communities still in ruins more than two weeks after Sandy struck.

Getting back continues to be a struggle for thousands of families across New York and New Jersey.

Tattered shells are all that's left of homes.

In other places there's little more than a concrete slab.

Boats pushed to the middle of the street are still there and mounds of debris stretch across this new wasteland, piles of rubble that mean so much more to survivors.

"It was our whole life that we took out and put on the curb for the trash, everything from cups to spoons to beds, my children's toys, everything," says Staten Island resident Diane Rivera.

Electric crews continue to work around the clock, but not fast enough for tired and frustrated residents.

An army of volunteers continues to fight in the hardest hit neighborhoods, but in many areas that still can't satisfy the overwhelming need.


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