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Primary Marking Systems making police work easier

6:34 PM, Nov 19, 2012   |    comments
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By Heidi Glaus

St. Peters, MO (KSDK) - You name it, these days we scan it. We scan to save money and to spend money and well now bar codes are even helping put the bad guys behind bars.

"E Twist is a mobile evidence collection system," explained P.J. McIntyre, the e Twist Product Manager.

"It's so officers can identify, document, keep track and record all evidence out at the scene of the crime. As opposed to jotting down notes on pen and paper it's all done on this PDA on steroids if you will," McIntyre went on to explain.

It's a device Primary Marking Systems Incorporated in St. Peters created a couple of years ago and has been making Detective Kerry Daniels life a little easier ever since.

"They've used envelopes like this for quite some time, but it's all hand-written as you can see," Daniels pointed out.

The evidence still goes into envelopes, but now it's easier to keep track of and a quick peek inside the Maplewood evidence room proves there are more than a few envelopes to keep an eye on.

"Actually I have evidence from the 70s in here," Daniels said.

Not only does it make the shelves easier to sort through, it can also take pictures.

"With the hand held scanner you can take photographs of your evidence laying at a specific place and then that will GPS the coordinates of where it was located," Daniels explained.

And that can be helpful later in court.

"Say it's a court case and the defendant says that's not my red barn, you can't prove it there's a million red barns in America. Well, yes we can we plug in these coordinates to Google Earth and it's going to pop up and say yes Mr. Smith this is your red barn," McIntyre added.

It's a device that is simplifying the process from start to finish and it's a concept that originated in St. Peters.


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