Open for Business on Thanksgiving

11:37 PM, Nov 22, 2012   |    comments
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Kirkwood, MO (KSDK)- While most businesses are closed on Thanksgiving, some try to take advantage of the day to make some extra money.

Sunset 44 in Kirkwood was open for business on the holiday. In fact, the owner, Bob Menendez, got his whole family involved.

He says in this economy, it is crucial to try and make up for lost revenue on holidays. He says he notices there is quite the demand so he has stayed open on Thanksgiving for the past 29 years. This is something customers say they appreciate.

"It's important to stay open for Thanksgiving. First of all, wholesale prices this year to last year are up 8.1%. All prices are going up. You've got healthcare they are talking about now that will add $5000 per employee and I have 29 employees so in order to be competitive we need those days," said Menendez.

"I love that they are open on Thanksgiving. The restaurant that is close to us is closed," said Jackie Conlon, a Sunset 44 customer who has been coming to the restaurant on Thanksgiving for the past ten years.

Menendez says the restaurant will stay open on Christmas Eve as well and he is also hoping to capitalize on that holiday.

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