EPA digs up Wildwood contaminated property

11:51 AM, Nov 27, 2012   |    comments
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Wildwood, Mo (KSDK) -- A massive cleanup project is underway in St. Louis County Tuesday.

The Environmental Protection Agency is removing dozens of truck loads of tainted soil from a property in Wildwood.

The contamination is leftover from trash burning on the Callahan property near the Strecker Forest.

The EPA says its an eight-acre tract of land where drummed liquid and solid wastes were disposed of during the 70's.
It was originally cleaned in the late 90's.

The EPA has brought in heavy equipment to remove the soil that is suspected of being contaminated. 

A department spokesperson told NewsChannel 5 that there is a low risk of exposure for people and they're removing it now because they weather is colder and that will limit the smell.
It's expected to take a few days.

The E.P.A. says the operation is not related to Dioxin that was used in nearby Times Beach.


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