'Guys with Kids' requires actors to play with dolls

6:34 PM, Nov 28, 2012   |    comments
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By Heidi Glaus

Los Angeles (KSDK) - In case you haven't seen it, "Guys with Kids" is a show about three 30-something dads not only managing fatherhood, but trying to be cool while doing so.

The challenge to be cool behind the scenes is even harder considering the guys walk around with dolls during rehearsals.

"Yes, I have a doll for my son let me find him hold on," Zach Cregger, who plays Nick confirms.

"The weirdest part from a professional stand point is how it changes once you have real babies because all week we rehearse with fake babies," adds Jesse Bradford who plays Chris.

"This is little Freddy," Cregger introduces as he returns with doll in hand.

Everyone agrees the real babies are cute, but add an interesting piece to the puzzle.

"Here we are veterans in the business some of us doing it for 20 plus years and then you come on and this six month old kind of tells you how it's going to be," points out Tempestt Bledsoe, better known as Marny on the show.

"You've got to be prepared. You have to work really hard up until the days when the babies get here because once they're here everything is out the window. You're just so concerned with them no crying and feeding them to keep them quiet so you can get your lines out," adds Jamie-Lynn Sigler who plays Emily.

Of course pretend parenting is quite a bit easier than the real deal since there are 11 babies playing the role of four.

"It's so different because if one cries they just take it away and replace it with one that looks exactly like it that's not crying, wouldn't it be nice if that happened at home," says Erinn Hayes who takes on the role of Shelia.

Actually, Hayes is the only one in the cast with small children in real life and well let's just say the show might put real-life parenting on the back burner for the rest of the cast.

"It depends on the week you ask me, but most of the time it makes me want to have kids for sure," says Sigler.

You can catch "Guys with Kids" on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on NewsChannel 5.


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