Todd Barrow spots fire, notifies residents

7:36 PM, Nov 28, 2012   |    comments
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By Alex Fees

St. Charles, MO (KSDK) - For ten years Todd Barrow has delivered the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. But while making his rounds Wednesday morning at Fox Hill Apartments, he saw what he thought were Christmas lights.

He soon discovered, it was fire.

"The first thing I needed to do was get them out," said Barrow. "And at the same time I was dialing 911. As I was pounding on the door."

Barrow said he knew emergency crews were still minutes away.

"And residents were all sleeping so they didn't hear the knock. But the son was up and he was playing video games. He had headphones on, but I was banging so hard he felt the vibration, I guess, or something," said Barrow.

Soon, Barrow attracted the attention of a teenager inside the apartment and his sister.

"And they came running out," he said. "And we went around banging on doors in the apartment complex. And got them out, and when everyone was out that's when I left."

After all, he had deliveries to make. And Thursday morning when Barrow delivers the paper, his story will be in it.


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