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Buhler, Kansas city seal must come down

10:02 AM, Nov 29, 2012   |    comments
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Lawsuit claims city seal violates 'church and state' law

KSNW - The city sign in Buhler, Kansas is coming down. It's been there for years, but a group threatened to sue.

The official city sign bears the image of a "traditional" Christian cross.

"Yes, we wrote them a letter to tell them what they were doing was illegal," says Annie Laurie Gaylor.

Gaylor is with a group called Freedom From Religion.

"This is not a Christian nation," says Gaylor. "This (sign) sends an illegal message of favoritism of Christianity over other religions and you can't do that."

Citing concerns over the cost of litigation for the small town, Buhler city council members on Tuesday decided to take the sign down.

But two more signs with "traditional" Christian values will replace the city sign. Those new signs will be funded with private monies, be put on private land and not be tied to the city.



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