Metro-Richmond Zoo tiger kills another tiger

10:29 AM, Nov 30, 2012   |    comments
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(WWBT) -- A family visiting Virginia's Metro-Richmond Zoo Saturday is outraged after they witnessed a deadly tiger attack. They say, children were present and zoo staff didn't respond quickly enough.

In cell phone video taken by the family, the two tigers appear to be playing. McCoy, a five-year-old white Bengal tiger, is lying on her back when she takes a swipe at Kumba.

Kumba, a two and a half year-old Bengal tiger, then grabs McCoy's neck and doesn't let go.

The Duross family provided their video but didn't want to appear on camera. They're angry, they say, because calls to zoo staff went unanswered until it was too late.

Zoo director Jim Andelin calls the attack "tragic" but says it couldn't have been prevented.

"It was just immediate," said Andelin. "He grabbed her by the throat and there was nothing we could have done."

From the beginning of the attack until a zoo employee arrives is approximately five minutes.

Andelin says the two tigers are family members and have lived together for eight months without an issue.

Read more about the tiger attack on WWBT's website.


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