Phillips family suing after Chicago police officer shoots dog

6:23 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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Chicago (WGN/CNN) - A family is suing the Chicago Police Department after they say a police officer shot their dog.

The officer fired at the miniature bull terrier named "Colonel," Saturday while writing a ticket to the dog's owner for partially parking on the sidewalk.

A neighbor alerted the owner he was getting a ticket, and when he came outside, the dog followed and ran toward the officer.

"One slug hit it in the leg and the other one splintered and went into his abdomen. He shot the dog, you know, and then he just quite calmly continued to write the ticket like nothing had happened to him," said the dog's owner Al Phillips.

"If we're gonna pull guns and open fire at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon, this city has much bigger problem than we're even aware of," said daughter Morgan Phillips.

A witness said he heard the officer ask twice for the owner to get the dog before firing.

The owner says the dog wasn't violent, just wagging his tail.

He was issued a citation for the dog being unleashed.

The puppy is expected to survive.

Police officials are investigating the shooting.


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