Burned puppy slowly recovering

7:18 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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By Anita Blanton

Blanchard, OK (KOCO/CNN) - A puppy is recovering in Oklahoma after a devastating fire last month killed the rest of the litter.

The face with beautiful blue eyes will tug at your heartstrings.

"There was a litter with a mom in a pen outside with a heating lamp and hay, the heating lamp had fell down it was too hot and lit the whole thing on fire," said Danielle Dodd with PitEssentials Rescue Group.

Baby Tugg's mom saved him, went back for his brothers and sisters, but none of them survived.

"When you look at him your first initial is shock. It was red and inflamed he just looked absolutely miserable. Just seeing him he just started whimpering and crying he just looked awful," said Dodd.

Tugg had second and third-degree burns over one-third of his body.

He's bandaged from the waist down.

"These are healing wounds they actually look really good," said Dodd.

And being a puppy, when he's in his cage he's not too happy with all of his equipment that's made to help him.

But thanks to PitEssentials Rescue and the vets, he's off IVs, eating and drinking now, and slowly beginning to heal.

Vets expect to care for Tugg for two months before he can be put up for adoption.


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