Rodney Blanchard accused of trying to freeze kittens

8:28 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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By Charles Billi

Largo, FL (WTSP) - Three kittens rescued from a man's freezer may be up for adoption by Christmas time.

The animals are recovering in Florida, while the man accused is under arrest.

The kittens in the video above were almost killed by a twisted mind.

Police say Rodney Blanchard tried to get rid of four kittens by putting them in the freezer in his St. Petersburg trailer.

Neighbor Eve Mulder made the gruesome discovery when Blanchard asked her to get him a beer from the freezer.

"I seen Ziploc bags that looked like it could be steaks or something in there, but I heard kittens. I looked at Rodney and I didn't say anything. And he's laughing and he goes, 'Hypothermia only takes a few minutes.' I put two and two together and I knew it was the kittens," said Mulder.

She immediately went home and called 911.

"Well, the actual police officers yesterday, was Pinellas County Sheriff's Office, was extremely good. Instead of waiting for my driver to arrive, they immediately took them over to the emergency vet," said SPCA officer Jill Purl.

One kitten died of hypothermia, but the other three survived and are doing well.

Blanchard was arrested on four counts of animal cruelty and one count of battery for pushing the woman who called police.

It's believed the kittens belong to Blanchard's roommate who is in jail accused of attempted murder.


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