Pregnant Sharnay Hill talks about being hit by SUV

9:51 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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By Ashley Yarchin

Pine Lawn (KSDK) -- For the very first time, we are hearing from the pregnant woman struck by an SUV while waiting at the bus stop last week in Pine Lawn.

"I could just remember like it was yesterday 'cause it don't leave you," said Sharnay Hill.

It doesn't leave her because she can't leave the bed, and it's been like this for her since last Wednesday afternoon, around 4:15. Eleven weeks pregnant, she had just left the St. Louis County Health Center on Jennings Station Road, when the 22-year-old decided to sit on a brick wall by the bus stop. Before she knew it, an SUV was headed her way, rolled right over her and pushed her into a stop sign.

"If I never tried to sit down, then I wouldn't have been in this situation," she said in regret. "I'm trying not to cry because my leg hurts. I just took these pills, but it's just stressful, it is."

After surgery and several days in the hospital, Hill's right leg is on the mend and the baby growing in her belly is healthy.

But because of the pregnancy she can't take medications strong enough to dull the pain, and even worse, her four-year-old son has to stay with Hill's mother and her four-month-old twin girls are being cared for by a friend she is staying with.

"I can't sleep for real at night," Hill went on to say. "I was supposed to get my kids stuff for Christmas, can't do nothing, can't pay my bills, rent, it's very depressing."

But when she realizes all she went thought out there, Hill adds one thing has helped.

"I'm just happy I'm alive - me and my baby - that's what I'm really thankful that I'm happy we're alive out of everything," she added.

Pine Lawn's police chief told NewsChannel 5 Tuesday that the driver of the SUV should be released from the hospital in the next day or so, and then he expects to file charges.


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