Third delivery driver assaulted in south St. Louis

10:18 PM, Dec 8, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis, Mo. (KSDK) -- For the third time in two weeks, a delivery driver was robbed and assaulted on Virginia Avenue in South St. Louis.

The latest one happened late Friday night in the 4200 block of Virginia. Two men are in custody.

The driver worked for Imo's Pizza on South Spring Avenue. Store manager Norman Hendrix tells us around 11:30 p.m. a woman called in a large order. He says everything seemed normal until his driver got to the front door.

"Two gentlemen came from both sides of the building and basically surrounded him," Hendrix says. "...Basically had him in a corner, and pulled out a knife and put it to his throat and then they decided to rob him, telling him they were going to kill him if he moved."


They emptied his pockets, he ran away, they caught him and they fought. He managed to get to his car and drive back to the restaurant.

"As he was getting into his car to see where they were. They both kind of went back the opposite ways from where they'd come from. And then he noticed there was a lady that came out of the door...came out of the apartment building, grabbed the food, and went back inside."

On the same street in just the last few weeks, a 30 year old female driver was beaten with a brick, and a 50 year old male driver was beaten unconscious.

"I think it is something to be concerned over. Here in the city, it's a relatively new occurrence. It's been happening in the county for a little bit now. But certainly it's something I've already had some conversations with the captain of the police down here in the first district and we'll be strategizing in how to address these going forward," says Alderman Shane Cohn.

Cohn says these are isolated incidents, but for Norman Hendrix the worry is still very real.

"I definitely fear for our drivers because they're out there and they're dealing with this on a nightly basis."

Police have not released to two suspects names, but they say they are 28 and 19 years old. They're not believed to be the same suspects related to the two other robberies on this street.









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