5 on Your Side: Homeowner feels victimized by nature, contractor

10:38 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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By Art Holliday

FERGUSON, Mo. (KSDK) - A home owner in Ferguson is fed up.

She's been waiting, and waiting, and waiting to have her tornado damage repaired.

The contractor says the problem is a failure to communicate.

The home owner says she's been victimized twice, by the contractor and by Mother Nature.

"My son gave me a call me and said Mom get in the basement, now. And the next thing I know, there the tornado was," said Anita Waters.

Waters' Ferguson property suffered $19,000 of damage from the April 2011 tornado.

"It did damage to the roof, the back porch it took out windows, blew out the doors took out the fencing in the back. Totally took away the shed," said Waters.

In June 2011 she contracted with Todd Wise of Wise Construction to repair her home. Waters says no repairs have taken place in months.

Meanwhile, the fence and windows require work, and a leaking dormer is causing water damage inside the home.

The shed was supposed to be rebuilt. The work started, but it's incomplete.

Waters made two payments to Wise of over $11,000.

"When I sent her a text message and ask if there's anybody at her house she may respond four or five hours later and say somebody is there. Well by that time I'm already doing something else," said Wise.

Waters isn't the only customer complaining about Wise Construction.

After three complaints, the better business bureau gave Wise Construction an F rating.

"Complainants told the BBB that the company takes money for construction jobs but doesn't complete the job," said Chris Thetford with the BBB.

"I just really feel like I'm a double victim here. One from an act of nature where the tornado came through and secondly at the hand of man, and it's not a good feeling," said Waters.

[Reporter]: "So it's your intent to follow through and complete the work?"

"It is, yes sir it is. My intent is never to walk away with anybody's money," said Wise.

Todd Wise says he intends to continue repairs to Anita Water's home next Wednesday.

We'll let you know what happened.

Waters said that one of the payments she made to the contractor was $9,000 in cash. The Better Business Bureau says never pay a contractor in cash.


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