Dianne Brame given job back at Hudson Elementary School

10:56 PM, Dec 14, 2012   |    comments
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Dianne Brame

WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. (KSDK) - A cafeteria worker who says she lost her job because she fed a needy child has been reinstated.

Dianne Brame worked in the Hudson Elementary School cafeteria in the Webster Groves School District for the last three years.

Brame told NewsChannel 5 on Thursday she noticed a fourth grader on the free lunch program had not renewed his eligibility, and says the child's mother does not speak English and may not have understood the paperwork.

She said the child was supposed to receive a cheese sandwich and a carton of milk, but she was concerned other students would make fun of him, so she gave him regular meals for free for two months.

Chartwells, the food service provider for the district fired Brame after a co-worker alerted the company. The school district says Brame was not fired and offered a position at another school.

Brame does not own a car and could not work at another school because she walks to work.

On Friday, NewsChannel 5 learned Brame has been given her job back at Hudson Elementary School.

Chartwells released the following statement to NewsChannel 5 on Friday:

"Chartwells School Dining Services takes seriously its role in providing healthy meals to school children. An unfortunate misunderstanding arose this week over the status of one of our employees assigned to the Webster Groves, MO, School District, who was serving meals to students at Hudson Elementary School.

"Chartwells is pleased to have resolved this misunderstanding together with the employee and she will be at work, as usual, this coming week. While confidentiality and privacy rules prevent us from providing details on personnel matters, Chartwells appreciates the concern of this employee, and all of our employees, who put the well being of school children first.

"Chartwells will continue to work with the Webster Groves School District to review food service procedures and practices to ensure that all children receive healthy meals while at school.

"The welfare of the students, staff and employees at all of the school districts we serve is Chartwells¹ primary concern, and we are pleased that this misunderstanding has been resolved for the benefit of students and our employees."


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