Epiphany holds candlelight vigil for families of shooting victims

10:54 PM, Dec 15, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis, Mo. (KSDK) -- The message on the sign that looks out upon McNair & Pestalozzi in south St. Louis reads "God is still speaking."

Church members at Epiphany United Church of Christ gathered in their serenity garden Saturday evening. They were holding a candlelight prayer vigil for the families of the mass shooting victims in Connecticut.

Because if God is still speaking, they are prepared to listen.

Rev. Mary Albert said, "When things like this happen in a community, it affects us all. It's not only a tragedy for the people of Newtown, CT, but it tells us something is wrong with the world. And when an event like this happens we need to come together, we need to say what's on our hearts, we need to process that. And we need to remember that God is with us."

Albert said one of the members of our church called her and asked if they could hold the vigil.

"And I said it sounded like a great idea," said Albert. "We are gathering to support one another, to affirm that life matters; all of life. And God puts us here to be a part of creating the world that God wants us to create."

The prayer group was small. Eight or ten people gathered to pray, read petitions, and sing.

"Destroy prejudice that turns us against one another. Oh God, lead us to your peace."

Rev. Albert said, "Something is wrong in a world where a young man with mental illness doesn't have the support he needs, and in despair acts out in a fashion like this. One of the things we work on here at the church is to be a place that welcomes everyone. And that includes people with mental illness and helping them get the support they need."

The prayer group continued.

"Almighty God, creator of us all. You know the burden right now that we carry concerning the children in Newtown Connecticut."

On the other side of the stairs leading into the church, a banner on the front of the building bears witness to Albert's claims about who the church aims to serve.

It reads, "Epiphany Church. All welcome."



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