Report: It takes less time to buy a gun than adopt a dog

1:17 PM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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Dave Summers, WKYC-TV

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WKYC) - Tuesday we learned President Obama is supporting a plan to ban assault weapons.

As this tragedy has drummed up fierce debate over gun control, we ask the question: How easy is it to buy a tactical rifle similar to that used by gunman Adam Lanza?

Since the federal weapons ban and waiting period were lifted eight years ago, buying a gun in Ohio is faster and more efficient than ever.

How fast?

We compared the process of buying a tactical weapon, like the one used in the Sandy Hook shootings, with adopting a dog.

The results may surprise you.

We chose a Bushmaster tactical rifle. It has a military look and feel. It shoots a military round.

The government asks you to fill out a 4473 form. The 4473 form asks about your criminal background, drug use, citizenship and whether you have ever been judged mentally defective.

If you rent, they will check with the landlord to make sure that you are allowed to have a dog.

If you want to adopt a dog from PAWS, it requires all personal information, including your history with pets and references, preferably a veterinarian's recommendation. You are interviewed by not one but two screeners.

At the gun store, your application is sent to the FBI. Provided you have no criminal history and your information matches what you submitted, the whole process usually takes -- from start to finish -- about a half hour.

If your information meets PAWS criteria, there is a meet and greet with the dog's foster caregiver.

The whole adoption process takes at least two days or three days, sometimes it could be longer.

The knee-jerk reaction to shootings like that in Newtown is a rush to buy guns. Stonewall's sales are skyrocketing, owner Diane Donnett says, as people are buying now fearing future restrictions on weapons sales.

There was and is no rush to adopt puppies, although that doesn't come with the same political debate.
One retailer has voluntarily stopped the sales of rifles, at least for now.

Dick's Sporting Goods suspended the sale of modern rifles in response to the tragedy in Newtown. The retailer also removed all guns on display at their stores near Newtown.

The store hasn't said how long the suspension will last.


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