Tina Schwellensattl thanks Good Samaritan who found lost wallet

6:53 PM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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By Sharon Stevens

BELLEVILLE, Ill. (KSDK) - A grateful Belleville woman wants to say thank you to a person she doesn't know.

During a Christmas shopping trip, Tina Schwellensattl lost her wallet, but a Good Samaritan found it and returned it to her.

Tina said their Christmas season was almost lost. She runs a daycare center in her Belleville home. From her earnings, she put aside $500 for Christmas presents.

She says a few days ago she and her husband went shopping at several stores, including Shop 'N Save.

When Tina left the store, she didn't know it, but she dropped her wallet.

The Good Samaritan gave the wallet to store employee Diana Wehrman, but she didn't leave her name.

Tina has written a thank you note to the mysterious person, but she hopes to meet her.

If they do meet, Tina said, "I'm gonna cry and hug her and tell her she saved my whole Merry Christmas!"

Tina is grateful to have the money and credit cards again, but she's also glad to have the wallet because it was a gift from her daughter.


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