Darrell Brackett doused in gasoline, set on fire

6:16 PM, Dec 27, 2012   |    comments
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By Alex DiPrato

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. (WSVN/CNN) - Police in the Miami-area are looking for the men who apparently doused a man with gasoline and set him on fire.

It happened on Christmas Day when the burn victim went to a gas station after his van ran out of gas.

His family is now begging someone to give them some answers.

"This is my only son, and it's hard for me to see him like this, for something he didn't do, he wasn't bothering anyone, he was only minding his business," said the victim's mother, Bridgett Brackett.

Her son is Darrell Brackett, burned from his head to his thighs. He is clinging to life at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

"He has no skin left; 75 percent of his body is burned," said Bridgett.

Brackett's family says the 44-eyar-old walked to a gas station along Northwest 27th Avenue and 47th Street Christmas night when his van ran out of gas. He then filled up a can of fuel.

"I was still waiting in the van, waiting in the van," said his unidentified girlfriend.

His girlfriend asked that we didn't show her face. She said after 45 minutes of waiting in the van she got out and was told Brackett was chased across the street by three men, doused with gasoline in the median, and then set on fire.

"Only thing I know, they say the lady said she tried to help him," she said.

Doctors have Darrell Brackett in a medically-induced coma. His family is hoping someone who was in the area will speak up and answer their questions.

"If there's somebody out there who knows something, there's someone who knows what really happened, the only thing I'm asking is for somebody to just have a little heart. Take a little time, let your conscience be your guide. Come forward, you know," said Bridgett.

And while his mother is counting on the right tip, she's also counting on her faith to help her son make a full recovery.

"Who knows, he might not even make it, but we are praying to God, God is a miracle worker," said Bridgett.


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