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Rash of mailbox vandalism in St. Louis County

10:40 PM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - A south St. Louis County community is trying to make sense of what appears to be acts of vandalism.

A rash of mailbox explosions has rocked a neighborhood.

The Remington Oaks subdivision in Fenton is a quiet, family friendly place to call home.

"I was playing Black Ops and it scared me so bad I threw up my controller and ran," said Cobe Roulx.

But recent events have shattered the silence and left neighbors on shaky ground.

"We were sleeping and I heard a big explosion and it sounded like it was our house that blew up," said Amy Burlison.

Burlison lives across the street from a brick mailbox blown up by vandals earlier this week. Her daughter, Alyssa, was putting her baby to sleep when the explosion happened.

"It just sounded like a bomb went off and I thought my whole house was shaking to the ground," said Alyssa Burlison.

This wasn't the first time the neighborhood had such a rude awakening. This mailbox was hit a few days before after being destroyed the same way back in July. And then came the biggest boom of them all.

"We heard another one last night and that was further away from our house but louder. That one was louder and more startling than the other ones," said Amy Burlison.

Police say the vandals have, so far, only targeted brick mailboxes.

NewsChannel 5 spoke with the homeowners whose mailboxes were left in shambles. They were understandably upset and didn't want to go on camera, but did said their biggest concern was not the expense, in some cases more than three hundred dollars to replace the mailbox, but they are worried for the safety of others in the neighborhood. A feeling shared by the Burlisons.

"I think if the cops don't catch them they're going to keep getting away with blowing up mailboxes they might start with cars or other personal property," said Alyssa Burlison.

"Makes me wonder if they'd be concerned if anyone happened to be outside or nearby or if it happened to hit on of the houses because they are getting more intense," said Amy Burlison.

Police told residents not to be surprised if videos of the vandalism show up on YouTube. They're also asking school-aged students to speak up if they hear classmates bragging about their part in it.


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