Police investigate child found in car seat in Breckenridge Hills apartment building

5:51 PM, Jan 4, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Infant abandoned in apartment building hallway

Video: Infant abandoned apartment building hallway

Abandoned baby in Breckenridge Hills apartment building.

BRECKENRIDGE HILLS, Mo. (KSDK) - A 5-month-old was found abandoned in the hallway of an apartment building in northwest St. Louis County early Friday morning.

Police said the child appeared uninjured, but the mystery of why the child was left in the hallway of the Hickory Trace Apartment building in the 3500 block of Dehart Place remains under investigation.

The child, who was found strapped into a car seat in the hallway with a bottle next to it, was taken to DePaul Hospital for evaluation.  The boy was then turned over to the Missouri Department of Family Services after doctors determined the child was in good health.

Police are investigating the incident as child abandonment.

Several apartments in that particular building were vacant, police said, and the tenants in the building had already been accounted for and questioned.  No one seems to know who the baby is or just where he came from.

Police have no leads at the moment.

Anyone with information on the child's identity or possible family whereabouts is asked to call the Breckenridge Hills Police Department at 314-426-1214.

Parents or caregivers looking for help can look HERE for resources. 


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