Women dupe cashier, attempt to return stolen goods

9:12 AM, Jan 4, 2013   |    comments
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(WESH) - Police in Sanford, Florida are looking for three women involved in an elaborate shoplifting scheme at Walmart.

Surveillance video shows two women together with two carts in line. Once the first cart of merchandise is rung up at the register, the first woman is seen pushing her car out of the store, implying her friend would pay for it.

Police said the second woman then told the employee that her purse was in the first cart and she needed to go out and get it.

Then, both women split with the merchandise from the first cart without paying a dime.

"Never should allow that one person to leave with a basket full of items without paying," said Captain Jim McAuliffe, Sanford Police Department.

The next day, a third woman walked into the same store with a computer, asking for a refund.

The serial number on that computer was the same one stolen from the store the day before.

A Walmart employee explained that to the woman, and she took off.

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