No solid leads on abandoned baby case

6:23 PM, Jan 4, 2013   |    comments
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By Mike Rush

BRECKENRIDGE HILLS, Mo. (KSDK) - He had clothes, a cover and a bottle, but one thing a baby boy didn't have, someone taking care of him.

Police in Breckenridge Hills are trying to find the person who abandoned a baby boy in the hallway of an apartment complex.

The head detective said Friday afternoon the department was at a standstill with this case because, so far, ever since a man on his way to work found the baby, there have been no solid leads.

Soon after the man woke up to discover the cute face, the day started differently not just for him, but for others living at the Hickory Tree Apartments, like Brittany Koonce

"A neighbor called me this morning," she said. "We both get up and go to work at the same time and she told me to look out my window and you guys were all here."

NewsChannel 5 was there to ask the questions that police, despite their hard work, still can't answer.

Like who is this little guy? Who abandoned him? Why?

The man who found him left his apartment at around 5 a.m. and found the baby in the hallway. The boy was strapped into a car seat, had a bottle and wasn't crying, but police say he could have been here for as long as seven hours.

"You know, they have laws now that if you can't take care of a baby you can just drop him off at the fire station and you won't be prosecuted or anything, so why not just do that," said Koonce. "Or why not just take the baby to the hospital, you know, if you can't take care of it? But to leave it in a hallway that's very cold, you know, anything could have happened to the baby."

Luckily nothing did happen. Police brought the boy to DePaul Hospital where staff determined he was not injured, neglected or abused and, in fact, in a pretty good mood.

"The child is very happy. The child was not upset. Like I said, the child didn't cry at all," said Jeff Heisse with the Breckenridge Hills Police Department. "Several of the nurses at DePaul held the child and the child seemed happy, smiling, no crying, no upset."

While police try to find the baby's parents or guardian, another mother, Jazmin Stone, who lives in the complex and has a baby of her own, hopes there's no reunion between the little boy and whoever abandoned him.

"Whatever person did that, they need to be locked up because why would you leave your child. That's your flesh. That's your child," said Stone.

A number of calls have come into the police department, but no leads that would identify the child or parents. One call was from a psychic who stated the mother lived in the City of St. Louis.


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