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Police: David LaPrade burgles airport restaurant, leaves underwear behind

7:15 PM, Jan 4, 2013   |    comments
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By Tracy Clemons

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) - A bold burglar hit a restaurant in the last place you'd expect this week; the airport.

The alleged burglar busted into the Pasta House at Lambert when it was closed late Sunday night and left his cell phone and alcohol-drenched underwear behind.

Airport police arrested David LaPrade for the crime.

"He went in and he started drinking. It was later in the night as he got more intoxicated," said airport Police Chief Paul Mason. "What he did is he rearranged the stools to block any view and then he was behind the bar. And I think as he drank more and more his activity became more animated."

LaPrade was allegedly there to catch a flight the next morning. Chief Mason says he also stole chewing tobacco and cigarettes. They used video from surveillance cameras inside the restaurant to catch him. However, Mason says they can't release that video.

"We got a photograph and we put the photograph out and he was still at the airport when we caught him," he said.

He says the terminal is deserted at that time of night. Still, the burning question was how did nobody hear this, or see this? NewsChannel 5 asked airport police for an answer.

"The officer assigned to cover that beat was making an arrest of another person that he had discovered in the terminal. And again, he hid behind the bar for a good portion of the time," Mason said.

He says this was an isolated incident. This was in a part of the airport before the security checkpoints. Mason assures there was no threat to security.

"There was no danger to security at the airport because this is in a public area where the public has access to. Any of the secured portion of the airport, in addition to having whatever barriers we have up, we have 24 hour a day surveillance cameras being monitored by airport police department alarm room," said Mason. "So if someone was to do something like this to one of the gates, or attempt to do something like this to one of the gates or doors that led to the secure area of the airport, they would be immediately detected."

David LaPrade was arrested and booked into St. Louis County Jail. He's charged with second-degree burglary and property damage.


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