Three year anniversary of ABB shooting

8:04 AM, Jan 7, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - On January 7, 2010 things changed forever at ABB. That snowy morning, Timothy Hendron, fired more than 120 rounds. He killed three people, shot five more. And then he shot himself.

Three years later, moving on is still a struggle.

"This is the first year that the plant will be open [for the anniversary]," said long-time employee Richard Wilson. "We negotiated with them that they're letting us take Monday off if we want to take a vacation day. So it worked out pretty good that way for us. Some people will be there. Some people won't."

Wilson has worked at ABB for 38 years. His nephew Cory was one of the three killed.

He wasn't there that day, but says he's lived through it with his family and colleagues.

"There's people out there that still have to move around to different departments. Some are still under doctor's care. I was fortunate enough to get away from the pills, get away from the doctor."

Wilson says much has changed since that day three years ago. They've tightened security from the gates to the doors. Even with that, he says he's not sure he will ever feel totally safe going to work again.

"Every day, we talk about it and relive it. Is it good? Is it bad? We don't know. We just take it day by day. We do fear that it could happen again. We never thought it would happen before. But we always, I hate to say it, mention that this could happen."

As they prepare to mark the somber anniversary, he says he wants everyone to know that day could have been worse had it not been for one man.

"If it wasn't for Jeff Ray, a lot of people wouldn't be here today. He's like a hero out there and he's never gotten any recognition for it. He came through the plant and alerted everybody from the employees to the management. If he wasn't there that day, it would have been much worse. He saved a lot of people's lives out there."

Cory Wilson's parents also worked at the plant. They have not returned since the shooting.

Several lawsuits have been filed for wrongful death and personal injury against Securitas, the security firm ABB had at the time. Those lawsuits claim Securitas security guards didn't do enough to protect them from Hendron.


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