Taxi driver finds, returns $64K to passenger

7:48 AM, Jan 7, 2013   |    comments
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XI'AN, China (CCTV/CNN) - A taxi driver returned 400,000 yuan cash ($64,200 USD) to the passenger who lost it in his cab in Xi'an, in northwest China's Shaanxi Province on Sunday.

Zhang Long, a local taxi driver in Xi'an found a bag of money left on his backseat Sunday morning.

"A passenger this morning told me there was a bag on my backseat (left by the previous passenger). I asked him to check whether it was something important, and if so I should call the superior. Then we found it was a bag of money, 400,000 yuan," said Zhang Long.

The driver Zhang and the passenger were both stunned when realizing it was a bag containing hundreds of thousands of RMB in stacks.

The driver turned in the money to the taxi company in no time, and called the local police.

The owner of the money also called the police and rushed to the office building of the taxi company with the help of the local police in Xi'an.

The owner, named Hu haiguo, said the money was to pay the salary of the migrant workers in his construction company.

Hu, the man in charge of a local construction company, intended to pay the salary arrears for the migrant workers before the Spring Festival.

However, the careless man forgot to take the money bag with him when getting off the taxi while he was busy talking on the phone.


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