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Giant icicle threatens pedestrians

3:57 PM, Jan 7, 2013   |    comments
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Credit: AP/file.

(CNN) - An icicle measuring over 10 meters long could be seen hanging from a residential building in east China's Zhenjiang City, posing a threat to the passing pedestrians below.

The residents in the residential community claimed that it was quite strange to see such a long icicle as there had been neither rainy nor snowy weather in recent days.

Pedestrians below had to avoid the hanging icicle, which was also wrapped around the building's electrical wires.

"It's very dangerous. If the icicle drops onto someone's head it will pierce their skull. Yesterday when it was melting, it dropped and nearly hit an old lady," said Mr. Gu, a resident of the community.

Residents said that a broken solar water heater might be to blame for the icicle.

"It was very cold four days ago, one household may have had a broken solar water heater and the water may have trickled down and frozen to form an icicle," said Mr.Gu.

"If the household had found it earlier and bothered to fix the problem, it wouldn't be like this now," said Mrz. Zhu, a resident in the community.

Community staff are said to have arrived and cordoned the building. Now the case is under further investigation.


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